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Akvelon offers Big Data Development Services and Big Data Analytics. Akvelon’s solutions are packed with experience using data science to grow revenues for our customers.
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Mit Ihren Daten zu interagieren, Sie zu verwalten und zu verstehen ist der Schlüssel für Ihren Erfolg. Akvelon besitzt die Erfahrung um Ihnen zu helfen die korrekte Informationsmanagementarchitektur für Ihr Business zu liefern.

Dadurch, dass wir den Wert Ihrer Daten ermitteln, können wir Ihre Organisation agiler, effizienter und wettbewerbsfähiger gestalten.


    • Transaction-based data stored through the years.
    •  Increasing amounts of sensor and machine-to-machine data being collected.
    • Unstructured data streaming in from outside sources


    • Data is streaming in at unprecedented speed and must be dealt with in a timely manner.
    • RFID tags, sensors and smart metering are driving the need to deal with torrents of data.
    • Reacting quickly enough to deal with data velocity is a challenge for most organizations.


    • Structured, numeric data in traditional databases.
    • Unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, and stock ticker data
    • Managing, merging and governing different varieties of data.


    • Manage the data flows that can be highly inconsistent with periodic peaks.
    • Keep track of daily, seasonal and event-triggered peak data loads.
    • Organize unstructured data that can be involved.


    • Manage data that comes from multiple sources.
    • Link, match, cleanse and transform data across systems.
    • Connect and correlate relationships, hierarchies and multiple data linkages.


    • Enable comprehensive content life-cycle.
    • Document management
    • Cost-effective control of existing and new types of content

We offer Big Data Development Services and Big Data Analytics. We will make your organization more efficient and competitive.


  • We have expertise in various Big Data technologies.
  • We work with our clients every step of the way, identifying their business needs and collaborating to achieve the most effective Big Data solutions and provide Big Data services.
  • Our highly skilled engineers work with your team to develop the architecture needed to support your implementations and extract value from your data.
  • Akvelon’s solutions are packed with experience using data science to grow revenues for our customers.
  • We’re always looking for talented people and have Big Data jobs, view open positions here.

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