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03 Apr Fidelity National


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Fidelity – Mortgage Compliance Software Suite

Fidelity National Information Services is a leading financial service provider located in the United States. It provides major financial institutions with powerful and reliable data processing and analysis tools. Akvelon became a technology partner, providing useful resources for executing critical end-to-end projects.

Business Need

The client was searching for a partner to improve its software suite of mortgage-related applications, StratTree™, and StratQ™. These tools were often deployed on remote sites, requiring an automated data transfer to the head office. The client effectively established a partnership with Akvelon to resolve such issues.


To address the client’s request, Akvelon developed a proprietary method of communication, creating a feedback mechanism that simplifies software maintenance and updates.

Akvelon designed and implemented new components to the existing system, including:

  • Communication protocol updates
  • Error report system (ERS) improvement
  • Processing tools and utilities
  • New software layer for a command-based communication between servers and clients
  • Complete backward compatibility

This was the best platform we have ever used.

Benefits and Results

  • Increased system efficiency with upgraded ERS, which creates a safer data environment as well as reducing vulnerability to data theft.
  • Improved quality of data transfer through cross-platform, message-oriented communication mechanisms. This includes sending small messages and large data blocks between servers and remote clients.
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