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Since technology effects our lives every day, there is always something new to share. We’ll do the legwork, enjoy!

Akvelon has joined the world of Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) with Unity and Google Cardboard. Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are getting better and popularity of VR headsets is growing fast among consumers around the world. Most of the users are gamers, but many non-gamers and companies will find use for virtual reality and...

Microsoft’s Power BI

Microsoft contributed the source code of our visualization framework and the complete collection of native visuals supported by Power BI and Power BI Desktop to the open source community under the permissive MIT license. The project is available today on GitHub....

Akvelon Wins Geekwire’s 2015 Ping Pong Tournament

Akvelon player representative Valeri Kim took home the gold…or at least the title of Geekwire’s Ping Pong Bash 2015 Champion. Among other ping pong competitors representing Akvelon at the tournament were Microsoft account manager Toby Rawlinson and CEO Sergei Dreizin....

Microsoft Build 2015

Akvelon is proud to be a part of Microsoft's Build event, as we have helped Microsoft deliver many of the technologies and tools demonstrated there. Click here to find out which ones!...